Our company carries out any kinds of video- and internet-broadcasting, starting from one camera and completing large scale projects with multi-camera filming.

We offer technical and creative solutions to do video broadcasting of your event. We have a great set of modern equipment including multichannel MTVS (mobile TV station), video cams Full HD, sound and lighting equipment that enable to do tasks of any complexity.

Our company offers full range of solutions that are necessary for video filming of world standards. Internet broadcasting is an excellent way to increase audience of your event.

You can be sure: our company will show the brightest and the best moments of your event in beautiful and efficient way!

Sporting event

Filming and broadcasting of sport events of any scale. Our specialists select the optimum set of equipment for high-quality lighting of event considering the specifics of every sport. We make dynamic filming with the use of great set of cameras and optics including mobile cameras on helicopters, cars and motorbikes.

Entertainment event

We make multichannel video filming of concerts, presentations, mass holidays with the use of specialized cameraman equipment (cranes, steadicams, polecams, quadcopters. Each camera is recorded separately for consequent mixing and editing. We have an opportunity of live broadcasting with the use of separate sound channel for various media sources.

Business event

We broadcast live forums, conferences, presentations, public speeches both in closed and open mode. We have an opportunity to connect unlimited number of viewers from anywhere in the world as well as to communicate in real-time and to edit video-report with key points.


We do video-conferences from anywhere in the world through satellite communication channel or fiber-optic lines.  We use modern MSS (mobile satellite station) equipped with mobile antennas of Ku-band of 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.4 m that enables to set up two-way communication with remote objects and to transmit picture and sound to the conference-room.

Video broadcast to TV screens and huge video screens

Our company carries out complex services to do multi-camera video filming, live broadcast in the Internet as well as to both TV screens locally and huge video screens installed at your event. We do video broadcast to TV screens that have been installed before, but offer our own equipment for rent. We can broadcast video from rooms, commercials, speakers’ speeches and information broadcasting to huge video screens.

Connect us and we will draw up an offer as soon as possible according to your budget and tasks!